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poly-turf racing

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    When it rains we still win! How many times have you bet your program selections, the weather changes, and none of your horses seem to ever makeit into the winners circle? No other system currently on the market has the capabilities of switching program race selections right in the middle of a race card. Just imagine your picks are geared up, or slated for a fast track, or a firm turf course, and half way through your racing program you get a down pour and all the races that were scheduled for the turf will now be transferred to the dirt. Probably on a sloppy or muddy track at that. Now with the track conditions have changed and the bias offset the mudders will have a distinct advantage. Generators are not geared to point toward the horses that have gained in the transfer.

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The BREEDERS' CUP 2010 scheduled for Nov.6, at Churchill Downs. This years BC will feature a Host of promising hopefuls, including Zenyatta, Gio Ponti, Debussy....